Yamaha outboards – voted the most trusted marine engine for the past two years

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High horsepower four stroke 115 - 425hp

Go harder and further. Yamaha’s four-stroke category offers value and versatility, with a focus on improved power-to-weight performance, outstanding reliability and exceptional fuel economy across the range.

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Mid-range four stroke 30 - 90hp

Powerful, efficient and reliable. For your mid-sized fishing boats and pleasure craft, these outboards provide Yamaha’s legendary power and performance matched with superior reliability and fuel economy.

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Mid-range four stroke 30-90hp

Lightweight, compact and economical. These Yamaha outboards have been designed to be ultra-easy to use and transport, making them an ideal lightweight and portable engine for tinnies, inflatables and smaller craft.

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High thrust four stroke

More thrust and more traction. Yamaha’s High Thrust series of four stroke engines are designed to deliver the grunt needed to push big loads, such as sail boats and heavy pontoons. All come standard with Yamaha’s patented dual thrust propeller.

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Portable two stroke 2 - 15hp

Lightweight and convenience. Yamaha’s range of two cylinder, two stroke engines are designed to be light, powerful and reliable, as well as easy to carry so that you’re always ready for the next adventure. Great for small fishing vessels, inflatables and tenders.

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Mid-range two stroke 25-90hp

Versatility, value and power. This range features versatile engines with unbeatable value for money and outstanding power to weight ratios. Yamaha’s proven three-cylinder design with loop charging fuel intake delivers reliability, economy and smooth, responsive acceleration.

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