Yamaha 50H


Excellent Reliability

Here’s a range that offers terrific, versatile engines with unbeatable value for money, outstanding power to weight ratios and world-renowned reliability.

Our proven three-cylinder design with loop charging fuel intake delivers great fuel economy and smooth, responsive acceleration. Other features include:

  • CDI ignition provides automatic spark advance to provide maximum power throughout the whole RPM range
  • Loop charging boosts power and fuel efficiency
  • Precision Blend oil injection system (on applicable models) guarantees the optimum smooth running, excellent durability and eliminates the need for pre-mixing two-stroke fuel.
  • Sharp responsive power
  • Three cylinder design has stood the test of time and proven to be hugely successful with a range of boat owners.


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  • Height: 0.48
  • Width: 119
  • Length: 1.51
  • Volume: 0.65
  • Weight: 93
  • Engine type: 2-Stroke, In-line 3
  • Displacement: 698 cc
  • Bore: 67 x 66 mm
  • Max RPM: 4500-5500
  • Lubrication: Oil Injection (ETO, WHTO), Pre-mixing (MHD)
  • Fuel: Carb
  • Ignition: CDI
  • Starter: Electric (ETO), Manual (MHD), Manual & electric (WHTO)
  • Coil: 12V - 80W (MHD)
  • Alternator: 12V - 6A with rectifier regulator (ETO, WHTO)
  • Operation: Remote control (ETO), Tiller handle (WHTO, MHD)
  • Tilt: Power trim & tilt (ETO, WHTO), Hydro tilt (MHD)
  • Gauges: Optional
  • Network gauges:
  • Fuel tank: 24
  • Gear ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • OEDA Rating: 1
  • LPD switch: 0
  • Primary colour: Outboard silver
  • Secondary colour:

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