Haines Hunter SS660


The vision has been created.

The design team at Haines Hunter is proud to present this superb 6.6m craft that meets the demand for mid-size hardtops. Our no-compromise approach to the design has achieved functionality with grace and style. The Haines Hunter SS660 is a new boat, designed and built from scratch. The hull is a completely new development. The 21 degree deep V that is the standard for Haines Hunter has been taken to a new level that provides maximum beam aft (for stability and fishing room) combined with a totally new approach to the forward sections. The fine entry provides softness in the ride. Add our famous planing strakes to provide maximum lift for performance and dryness and we have ‘the ride’ that only Haines Hunter boats share. The pedigree of this design exhibits superb, vice-free handling without the need for big horsepower. Inside the boat is big, very big, with huge cockpit space for fishing or diving and no compromise for family comfort. The Sports Sedan Hard Top offers protection from the elements along with a great look. Excellent seated visibility with all driving & electronics functions at your fingertips. Spend some time and enjoy a thorough look at this all-new Haines Hunter SS660. We are very proud of this new machine. It’s a beauty.

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  • Length: 7.35m
  • Fuel tank: 195L
  • Length on trailer: 8.4m
  • Height on trailer: 2.9m
  • Recommended HP: 200
  • Maximum HP: 200
  • Hull material: Fibreglass
  • Maximum adults:
  • Approx. tow weight: 2030kg
  • Beam: 2.45m
  • Dead rise: 21 deg
  • Hull warranty:
  • Max. engine weight:

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